While paint is made by computer controlled machines that blend raw materials, recycled paint is made by people.  It’s our amazing drivers that pick up paint at waste depots across Canada.  Then it’s our receiving and QC teams that pass the cans over conveyors to the sorters and colour matchers.  Once the paint is bulked into 1000L totes it gets filtered and packaged by Christa, John and Kevin.   We thought we would tell you about some of the people that make our paint.


  • Kevin Bol
    Kevin Bolcommunications lead

    Cartoon character: bugs bunny
    Dream vacation: Barrett Jackson auctions
    Take your coffee: double double

    • Krista Varga
      Krista VargaQuality Controller

      Cartoon character: foghorn leghorn
      Dream vacation: Bora Bora
      Coffee: Tea

      • Danielle Irwin
        Danielle Irwinpaint sorter/quality control

        Favorite cartoon character: daffy duck
        Dream vacation: cottage on the water
        Takes coffee: none/if so black

        • Dean Jones
          Dean JonesStains team lead

          Favorite cartoon character: Eric Cartman
          Dream vacation: Thorold South
          Takes coffee: triple triple

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