While we can’t create recycled paint in 400 colours including 22 shades of white, we’ve managed to create a pretty versatile, classic palette.

Ships Canvas – Every summer on Lake Ontario the tall sailing ships of another era gather at to awe and entertain.  Ships with names like Fair Jeanne, Privateer and Pride of Baltimore.  This colour is a nod to the power of these great vessels, their canvas sails.  This colour is suits just about every décor and accent wall; it’s neutral but not also contrasts white.

Limestone – The mighty Niagara Escarpment looks over Port Weller as it runs several hundred miles from Niagara to the Bruce Peninsula.  Sometimes the edge of this plateau is gentle and walkable and sometimes it shows off its awesome limestone face.  Limestone is in the beige range between Ships Canvas and Jones Beach.

Jones Beach – Before the new new townhomes were built, Jones Beach was a favorite hangout of local high school kids for weekend bon fires and the associated innocent mischievous activities.  Hopefully this paint colour will break fewer laws than those kids. This colour is light enough to paint all walls and works well well with neutral/ beige décor.

Cattail – The area around Port Weller has many creeks and ponds and where there are creeks in late summer, there are cattails.  We think every kid remembers the first time they plucked a cattail and gave it a twist.  Cattail makes the perfect accent wall to a Ships Canvas or on all walls for cozy rooms like master suites.

Horizon – On summer Niagara evenings horizon is the colour of the sky where it meets the farmland.  This is a light or baby blue but not much more suble and muted.  Try this calming colour in nurseries or anyplace you like to unwind.

Great Lake – Lakes change colour with the seasons, light, and of course time-of-day.  One of the prettiest colours that Lake Ontario gets is the is rich blue/grey similar to this colour.  Donny, one of our comical drivers painted all walls their dining room this colour and reports that it goes well with beer or wine.

Creekside – This light greeny-beige is all natural; it’s the grass, mud, water and trees.  This colour works as an accent or whole room – either way we hope it will remind you of summer.

Brucetrail – The Brucetrail is 885 kilometers from Queenston to Tobermory with the Niagara portion being atop the escarpment. Most folks just do short day hikes but once in a while an “end-to-ender” can be spotted pounding the trail with determination.

Late harvest – There are dozens of wineries within a 10 minute tractor drive of Port Weller and Late Harvest refers to grapes harvested when the hay is in but the ground is not completely frozen.  The berries shrivel a little creating a delicious and naturally sweetened wine.  This soft mellow yellow will brighten any room without needing sun glasses.

Gull – Sailors ashore know a storm is brewing when the gulls fly inland.  These resilient, adaptive birds are mostly white but the local flock have unique grey markings – gull grey.  Grey is of course a contemporary colour – our grey will add cool and cosy without being cold.

Trillium White – The Trillium the provincial flower of Ontario – but don’t think about picking one or you could be fined up to $150. Our white is neither off-white nor bright white – it’s a balance which makes it useful as trim, ceiling or walls.

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